M81 Bode's galaxy (March 2020 update)

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M81 Bode's galaxy (March 2020 update)


Post by JohnP_1 »

I was able to gather some photons this past Sunday on this girl. Again, to hopefully dial in the focus a bit more and to improve the dynamic range on the past data. I then combined it with the data from the past.

New data includes 5 x 60s, and 3 x 120s, 3 x 300s and 2 x 600s

Taken with the Atik 383 OSC

scopes: Celestron C8 SCT w/MOTOFOCUS FR/FF(s): Starizona SCT Corrector

ImageM81-multi.update-3.26.20 by John Pombrio, on Flickr
The Eagle's Nest - Bortle 4-5 sky - scopes: Celestron C8 SCT w/MOTOFOCUS; ES ED102 APO CF MoonLite w/auto focus! FR/FF(s): Starizona SCT Corrector; Stellarvue 0.8 FR/FF; Explore Scientific 1.0 FF Filters: 1.25 inch - Orion Ha (1.25in), 2 inch - UHC, polarizer, Orion Sky Glow, Astronomik CLS-CCD Mount: Celestron AVX Cameras: Canon 60d (modded); Atik 383L+ OSC Guiding: Olivon OAG; ZWO ASI120MM; QHY QHY5-II Mono
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Post by STEVE333 »

Nice close up view John.

Stay well,

Steve King: Light Pollution (Bortle 5)
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Post by bobharmony »

Looks very nice, John. Good to see you around!

Hardware: Celestron C6-N w/ Advanced GTmount, Baader MK iii CC, Orion ST-80, Canon 60D (unmodded), Orion SSAG
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Post by Jockinireland »

Nice image.
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Post by Graeme1858 »

That combination of exposures has produced a great image John.


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