NGC2244 SHO Modified..My Last Rosette

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NGC2244 SHO Modified..My Last Rosette


Post by Astrovetteman »

Since the weather continues to be LOUSY (except for last night...haven't processed data yet), I did a remake on my previous data on NGC2244. Just HAD to have something to keep me from going STIR CRAZY!! Hope everyone is doing well in these trying times! Just remember, we're ALL in this together!!
Hope ya like it!
NGC2244_SHOMOD1 3-26-20.jpg Downsized.jpg
Tom :flags-waveusa:
Whoops, originally put in the wrong image!!
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Post by Jockinireland »

Superb! Again!
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Post by Graeme1858 »

Nice image. Those colours really give depth to the Rosette.


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Post by Ken_nneth »

Great image, like your choice of palett and colors. Thanks for sharing.
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Post by Mac »

Beautiful Rosette Tom... the colors are awesome.

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Post by MariusD69 »

Wonderful image! Well done, Tom!!
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Post by STEVE333 »

Beautiful job on the Rosette Tom with lots of crisp detail. Really nice natural looking stars too. A real beauty.

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