12-2-2019 TSS Photo of the Day!

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12-2-2019 TSS Photo of the Day!


Post by Gordon »

12-2-2019 TSS Photo of the Day!
by Gordon

This will be a first for TSS. Todays pick for The Sky Searchers Photo of the Day is actually a video!!!

Member Paramount (Gordon) has captured and put together a great landscape video of his recent work.

Congratulations Gordon on having your work selected as the TSS POTD!

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Post by helicon »

Congrats Gordon - just a wonderful video.
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TSS Photo of the Day


Post by Kanadalainen »

Oh my...

This is absolutely fantastic. I like the nightscapes, static and motion, and the music is top notch. Thanks Gordon!



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TSS Photo of the Day


Post by Juno16 »

Great work Gordon!

I thoroughly enjoyed your video!

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Post by Markmjm »

Absolutely beautiful!
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TSS Photo of the Day


Post by jerrysykes »

Awesome video, Gordon!!
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Post by Chicca »

Impresive and nitid time lapse, an extraordinary work, marvellous. Keep going with this fantastic dedication.
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