Messier 110 Observing & Sketch Awards..

A place to post your visual observing descriptions, reports, and log entries for the Messier Visual Awards program.
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Messier 110 Observing & Sketch Awards..


Post by 10538 » Mon Oct 28, 2019 2:36 am

Is this good enough to get some bling!?
Scopes: Orion XX14g 14” Dob, Meade LX200 Classic 10”w/AudioStar and MoonLite focuser, Criterion RV6, Orion ST80A w/2” GSO micro focuser. Eyepieces: ES 5.5mm 100*, 6.7mm 82*, 11mm 82*, 14mm 100*, 18mm 82*, 20mm 100*, Meade 9mm XWA 100*, 24mm UWA 82*, 56mm 50*, TV Delos 6 & 8mm, Panoptic 24, 27 & 35mm, 17mm Nagler, Powermate 2X, Baader 6mm Ortho, Paracorr II. MISC: Orion Skyview Pro Mount, Skymaster 15x70, 20x70, 25x100 Binos HoTech Collimator, Kendrick Dew System, Orion G3, Tetrads, Catsperch Obs. Chair.
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Re: Messier 110 Observing & Sketch Awards..


Post by bladekeeper » Mon Oct 28, 2019 12:01 pm

Yup! Works for me! :D

Congratulations, Ed! :)
Scopes: Apertura AD12 f/5; Celestron C6-R f/8; ES AR127 f/6.4; ES AR127 f/9.4; Stellarvue SV102T f/7; ES AR102 f/9.8; iOptron MC90 f/13.3; Orion ST80A f/5; Celestron Premium 80 f/11.4; Celestron C80 f/11.4; Unitron Model 142 f/16; Meade NG60 f/10
Mounts: Celestron AVX; Bresser EXOS-2; ES Twilight I; ES Twilight II; iOptron Cube-G; AZ3/wood tripod; Vixen Polaris
Binoculars: Pentax PCF WP II 10×50, Bresser Corvette 10×50, Bresser Hunter 16×50 and 8×40, Garrett Gemini 12×60 LW, Gordon 10×50, Apogee 20×100

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