10-3-2020 TSS Astrophotography Photo of the Day.

Take a moment to congratulate our Daily TSS Astrophotography Photo of the Day winners!!
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10-3-2020 TSS Astrophotography Photo of the Day.


Post by Gordon »

10-3-2020 TSS Astrophotography Photo of the Day.
by Gordon

Squid nebula Ou4 (c-orgb).

Todays TSS APOD comes from member ram (Ram).

Congratulations Ram!

Here's a link to the original topic: LINK

Scopes: Explore Scientific ED80CF, Skywatcher 200 Quattro Imaging Newt, SeeStar S50 for EAA.
Mounts: Orion Atlas EQ-g mount & Skywatcher EQ5 Pro.
ZWO mini guider.
Image cameras: ZWO ASI1600 MM Cool, ZWO ASI533mc-Pro, ZWO ASI174mm-C (for use with my Quark chromosphere), ZWO ASI120MC
Filters: LRGB, Ha 7nm, O-III 7nm, S-II 7nm
Eyepieces: a few.
Primary software: Cartes du Ciel, N.I.N.A, StarTools V1.4.

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TSS Photo of the Day

Re: 10-3-2020 TSS Astrophotography Photo of the Day.


Post by ram »

Thanks Gordon! I appreciate it - hope you're blessed with constant clear skies and are staying safe!

Tubes: Celestron 9.25" 235mm f/10 XLT EdgeHD SCT; Meade ETX 80mm f/5 achromat; Coronado SolarMax II 60mm f/6.6 Hα <0.7Å BF10 solar; Stellarvue 70mm f/6 triplet apochromat; Obsession UC18 457mm f/4.2 with Argo Navis & ServoCAT; Takahashi FS128 5" f/8.1 and FC100DF 4" f/7.4 fluorite doublet apochromats. Mounts: AVX; LXD75; Paramount MyT. Eyepieces: 2" Tele Vue Ethos 4.7/13/21mm, Paracorr, 2,4x Powermate; Stellarvue 0.8x, Takahashi 0.7x, 0.66x reducer/corrector. Cameras: ZWO ASI120MC-S; Lodestar X2c; X2m; Canon T7i; QHY163M; QHY247C; QHY294M-Pro. Filters: 1.25" Astrodon 5nm Ha, 3nm O3 and S2; Chroma LRGB.
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