July Challenges

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July Challenges


Post by kt4hx »

Here are the quick notes from one of my many observations of M29 over the years:

My first object was the loose open cluster M29, just a short 1.75 degree hop south-southeast from 2nd magnitude Gamma Cygni. It was visible in the 8x50 finder, and while observing at 52x, the main thing I noted about this cluster was the four stars forming a square at its center. Overall I found about 8 prominent stars with many dimmer ones in the field with the so-called "cooling tower" appearance easily seen.

And my notes for NGC 6541 in Corona Australis using my ED80 during one of my trips just south of the equator three years ago:

At 26x it was a smallish round fuzzy ball of light. It was bright and hinted at how spectacular it looks with more aperture. I went ahead up to 54x and it was fantastic. It displayed a large and strongly condensed core region inside of a small and dim outer halo. Bumping up to 71x it was a delight as its outer halo became more extended as dimmer portions were popping into view. The core was quite bright and large. Overall it took on a slight granular texture hinting at some resolution just out of grasp. It is unfortunate that this cluster doesn’t gain much elevation at home, because it would be wonderful to point the 10 or 12 inch in its direction.

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Re: July Challenges


Post by KingNothing13 »

I've observed M29 just once - but my notes are similar:

Definite box appearance. 8 stars making up the box, lid is "open" , spilling out. Higher power reveals more stars. Only really counted the 8 box stars.

It's not really much to look at :lol:

EDIT: I may have an opportunity to observe tonight - really depends on how tired I am at the end of the day :lol: maybe I'll add this to my list to check out again.
-- Brett

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Re: July Challenges


Post by BABOafrica »

Very nice description, Allan.

I enjoyed it.

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