July 2020 Monthly Challenge!

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July 2020 Monthly Challenge!


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A big thank you to all of you that put forward suggestions for the July monthly challenge!

If you wish to suggest a target for the August challenge you can do so here: viewtopic.php?f=84&t=11560


Once again the suggestions were put into a random draw generator online and we have our winners for the July 2020 challenge!

For the Northern hemisphere we have M29.
For the Southern hemisphere we have NGC 6541.
Thank you to everyone for the great suggestions! :text-thankyoublue:


M29, NGC 6913, Open cluster in Cygnus, magnitude +6.59.

This open cluster was discovered by Charles Messier in 1764.
The 7th magnitude cluster is at an approximate distance of 6000 light years from us and moving toward us at 28 KM's per second (45.06 miles per second).
Messier 29 contains 30 stars and is 11 light years in diameter.
This cluster is visible and telescopes and is a easy target for our Northern hemisphere friends.

Below we have a Stellarium screensot showing the location of Messier 29.



NGC 6541, Globular cluster in Corona Australis, magnitude =6.30.

NGC 6541 was first discovered by NiccoloCacciatore at the Palermo observatory in Italy on the 19th March 1826. James Dunlop also observed the cluster later in the same year on July 6th. John Herschel included it into his catalog in 1847 and was later included in the NGC catalog.
NGC 6541 is a 6th magnitude globlar cluster located at 22800 light years from Earth and only 7200 light years from the galactic center.

Below is a Stellarium screenshot showing the location of NGC 6541.


So get out under the stars and let us know what you see and post up any reports, images or sketches that you may have!
Wishing you all clear skies!

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