A Question For Dobsonian Owners

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A Question For Dobsonian Owners


Post by Refractordude »

It will be a little while before I have the play money for a 6" ed apo refractor with an az mount. I hate diffraction spikes, but often think of getting a 8" dob that can hunt deeper for galaxies than my 120mm refractor. I came across this review that is in the images. The review is from 2014. Has quality/things changed with the Orion 8" dob or maybe he just got a bad one? Kinda afraid of those mirrors. Right click the images. Thanks to you all.

https://www.amazon.com/Orion-8945-SkyQu ... B001DDW9V6
8 dob 2.PNG
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Post by Lady Fraktor »

How often do you hear of things like this today? Not often at all.
Granted anything can happen but the chances of getting a bad one are very slim.
Also remember that some people when posting these reviews are expecting Zambuto quality for 1/4 the price and then are shocked when things do not live up to expectation.
The majority of these today perform very well.
I would be more concerned about the included hardware as some provide the minimum quality and others supply good.
Apertura provides a good package for not much more than most.
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Post by UlteriorModem »

I have two 8" Orion Newtonians. One is a Dob the other is a astrograph. Both are quite good. I have never 'measured' them in any way but they sure perform well enough for me :D

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Post by notFritzArgelander »

I have never had any sorrows with Newtonians. If you loathe diffraction spikes there are ways around them.


There are some features in the night sky that absolutely demand more aperture than is available in refractors at affordable cost. My Z12 can ferret out internal details in M33 and such. It's not a task suited to the refractors I have at home.

I slightly prefer the optics in GSO scopes. Orion used to be a bit behind them but has caught up. If the reviewer's complaint about a turned down edge is true, that would certainly be a serious fault and the scope should be returnable on that base.
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Post by Ylem »

Very rare that you get a bad mirror.

I love 8" dobs, a 10 shows a tiny bit more, but the 8" is f6 vs f5 for the 10.
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Post by John Fitzgerald »

I have a couple GSO scopes, a Zhumell 10 and a Apertura 12 deluxe. Built new Baltic birch mounts for both. The factory mounts are veneered particle board and won't stand up to a lot of dew over time, or moisture from being stored in a shed. I put an azimuth circle on the 12 inch, and use a small digital inclinometer. It's as accurate in finding things as the less sophisticated DSCs. The 10 inch has super good optics. I would put it up against any premium mirror. The 12 inch also has good optics, maybe not as good as the 10, but still good to very good.
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Post by helicon »

My 10" is fine. The chances of getting one with sub-par optics is very slight as I believe all of the mirrors are well-tested at the factory before shipment. The major brands - Skywatcher, Orion, Apertura, Zhumell, and other GSO (Gueng Shen Optical) scopes are all comparable in terms of image quality. So I think it would be rare for one to slip through the quality control process.
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