Are these adapters the same?

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Are these adapters the same?


Post by Baskevo »

Hi guys,

Quick question! I don't know if anyone knows this, but I thought I'd give it a shot.

I have an ES 80mm FCD100 with the 2.5" HEX Focuser

I am trying to make my imaging train fully threaded, and someone recommended this adapter: M48x0.75 Adapter for 2.5 HEX, ... or-2-5-hex

Unfortunately, that adapter is sold out, and I can't find it anywhere else. They do have this adapter though: Explore Scientific M48x0.75 Adapter for FFFR, ... r-for-fffr

Does anyone know if the second adapter would work? essentially I'm threading from my focuser, which I believe is M48x0.75, and then I'm connecting it to a rotator ( ... -r-02.html), and then to a Field Flattener.

-James W.

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