Polarex Model 136 E finds new home!

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Polarex Model 136 E finds new home!


Post by Unitron48 »

I was recently contacted by Vincent from The Netherlands....who acquired a Polarex Model 136E...a 5 inch Polarex on a field tripod. Both Unitron and Polarex were manufactured by Nihon Seiko in Japan. This is only the third field tripod mounted 5 inch Unitron/Polarex scopes I have located to date. Complete information on the scope is located on his excellent website: https://polarex.jouwweb.nl/.

Highly recommend you check it out!

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Post by Lady Fraktor »

Thank you for the information Dave :)
A beautiful refractor set up, very nice to see it properly restored.
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Post by bladekeeper »

Oh man! What a great find! And great for the scope to be found!

A real beauty! Now I need to put my latop down, get up and go get a napkin to wipe the drool off my chin. :lol:

Thanks, Dave!
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Post by Alpena67 »

Just beautiful. Everytime I see one of these scopes it sends me back to my childhood when I seen them brand new and was an object of desire(still is!)
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