Altair Mini Solar Herschel Wedge for the 2024 USA Eclipse

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Altair Mini Solar Herschel Wedge for the 2024 USA Eclipse


Post by altair_astro »

Hi All, we have a new smaller Altair Mini Solar Herschel Wedge in stock which is perfect for eclipse travel.

This would be ideal for the 2024 USA Eclipse with a small refractor like the Starwave 60ED Refractor.

It has a polycrystalline ceramic heat diffuser at the back which shows a bright spot for alignment, and it's fully brightness tunable. We added a T2 thread at the top so you can attach a camera directly, or with an Altair Magnetic Filter Holder V2 if you wish.

You can buy this from your local US Altair Astro dealer such as Land Sea and Sky (Texas) or Astroworld (NYS), or you can buy directly. We ship worldwide DHL Express.
SOLWEDGE125 Solar Wedge800w.jpg
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