11-20-2023 TSS Visual Report of the Day.

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11-20-2023 TSS Visual Report of the Day.


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11-20-2023 TSS Visual Report of the Day.
by helicon

"Leonids with Friends" Today's featured report is courtesy of unitron48 (Dave). Heading out, Dave met up with the Culpeper group and enjoyed the company of friends while they watched the Leonid meteor shower. They also were able to do some observing with the club's 20" Obsession Dob and saw...
Refractors: ES AR152 f/6.5 Achromat on Twilight II, Celestron 102mm XLT f/9.8 on Celestron Heavy Duty Alt Az mount, KOWA 90mm spotting scope
Binoculars: Celestron SkyMaster 15x70, Bushnell 10x50
Eyepieces: Various, GSO Superview, 9mm Plossl, Celestron 25mm Plossl
Camera: ZWO ASI 120
Naked Eye: Two Eyeballs
Latitude: 48.7229° N
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