5-24-2023 TSS Visual Report of the Day.

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5-24-2023 TSS Visual Report of the Day.


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5-24-2023 TSS Visual Report of the Day.
by helicon

"Observing Report for 21 May 2023 - Smoke gets in your Eyes" With a delightful session in Virgo and Coma Berenices picking up galaxies and as far afield as Hercules, in fact, Alan (KT4HX) has swooped up a plethora of the faint denizens with his 17.5" scope. To top it off he observed THREE supernovae,...
Dobsonian: 10" Zhumell f/4.9
Refractors: ES AR152 f/6.5 Achromat on Twilight II, Celestron 102mm XLT f/9.8, KOWA 90mm spotting scope
Grab-n-go: AWB 5.1" Onesky Newtonian
Binoculars: Oberwerk 25x100, Celestron SkyMaster 15x70, Bushnell 10x50
Eyepieces: Explore Scientific line, GSO Superview, 9mm Plossl, Edmund 28mm RKE, Celestron 25mm Plossl
Camera: ZWO ASI 120
Naked Eye: Two Eyeballs
Latitude: 48.7229° N
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