Asteroid 2023 BU flyby Earth tomorrow!!!!

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Asteroid 2023 BU flyby Earth tomorrow!!!!


Post by OzEclipse »

The small asteroid 2023 BU will pass close by Earth at 00:00UT on Jan 27

:sprefac: Described as being the size of a Giraffe(? go figure)

:sprefac: Closest approach favours the northern hemisphere

:sprefac: it will pass inside the orbit of geostationary satellites (<36000km).

:sprefac: It will rapidly brighten to around mag 11, very bright for such a small object

:sprefac: At perigee, it's apparent motion will exceed 5000 arc sec per min, 1.6 degrees per minute or 90 arc sec per sec

Here are the orbital elements if your planetarium program doesn't have the object. It was only discovered a few days ago!
Name 2023 BU
Mag. 29.34
a 1.107367
e 0.111365
i 3.7564
Node 125.4827
w 355.8243
L 28.6537
Epoch 2460000.5

Warning: At 36000km parallax is significant, about 20 degrees from one side of the Earth to the other. Some planetarium programs don't plot sky position topocentrically. If looking for these objects, I always generate an ephemeris based on my location in Horizons then cross check that against where the planetarium program is projecting the image against the background stars before using it to point the telescope.
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Re: Asteroid 2023 BU flyby Earth tomorrow!!!!


Post by helicon »

So I guessed it missed us?
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Re: Asteroid 2023 BU flyby Earth tomorrow!!!!


Post by Unitron48 »

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