Attempt at simulating SHO using APP

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Attempt at simulating SHO using APP


Post by Greenman »

Firstly a shot of the Region around Sadr in RGB (usual set up).

ImageSadr_region_RGB_EZ_GHS2_2 by Tony Boutle, on Flickr

Then the simulation (initial try) so used APP to extract Ha & OIII as before, then extracting another channel as Ha Mono and naming this as SII.

ImageSHO-APP_Sadr_region by Tony Boutle, on Flickr

This is of course meant to imitate a Hubble palette on a OSC camera. Not sure I have anything approaching the hang of it.

I will, I expect, get over my fiddling stage in processing, but having found it a boring necessity for a while I'm somewhat smitten.

Has anyone here tried this successfuly?



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