Welcome Back to the Night Sky (NB)

For Star Parties located in Canada.
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Welcome Back to the Night Sky (NB)


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Event by Astronomy by the Bay and Saint John Astronomy Club

Irving Nature Park, Saint John, NB
FRIDAY, AUGUST 5, 2022 AT 8:30 PM

Public · Anyone on or off Facebook

Join local members of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada for a return to public observing at the Irving Nature Park, Canada's first Urban Star Park. The first quarter Moon will be our target in twilight, showing its craters, mountain peaks and the Straight Wall - a 110 km long fault line that resembles a sword. As twilight fades Saturn with its magnificent rings takes the stage, and when darkness settles we travel into deep space to visit the star clusters and gaseous nebulae of the summer Milky Way. And, if we are lucky, we might catch a few early shooting stars from the Perseid meteor shower which peaks a week later.

https://www.facebook.com/events/5225907 ... f=newsfeed
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