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Post by OzEclipse »

@Raymondhow is taking a bit of a break from the quizmaster business. Until Raymond is ready to take up the reigns again and make us all feel sheepish, TEAM JOE-JOE are keeping the seat warm.

@BABOafrica (Joe) and @OzEclipse (Joe Cali) will be setting quizzes for the next few months.
I released my first quiz at the end of June that will stay open until the end of July. As it was my first attempt, and I was still learning, a couple of the questions were real stinkers. Please don't be put off.

BABOafrica (Joe) has written the August quiz and will release it in early August.
From then on the two of us will alternate the quizmaster duties each month until Raymond returns.

We will also try to release some much easier quizzes aimed at our less experienced members. Experienced members are welcome to do the quiz but I would expect any experienced member to get close to 20/20. Please don't beat the chest too loud and scare off the beginner members :lol:

I will release the first beginner quiz straight after I post this notification and perhaps another in September.

You will find the links to all quizzes in the TSS Quizzes forum, https://theskysearchers.com/viewforum.php?f=114

Joe Cali (@OzEclipse ) and Joe (@BABOafrica )
Amateur astronomer since 1978...................Web site : http://joe-cali.com/
Scopes: ATM 18" Dob, Vixen VC200L, ATM 6"f7, Stellarvue 102ED, Saxon ED80, WO M70 ED, Orion 102 Maksutov, ST80.
Mounts: Takahashi EM-200, iOptron iEQ45, Push dobsonian with Nexus DSC, three homemade EQ's.
Eyepieces: TV Naglers 31, 17, 12, 7; Denkmeier D21 & D14; Pentax XW10, XW5, Unitron 40mm Kellner, Meade Or 25,12
Cameras : Pentax K1, K5, K01, K10D / VIDEO CAMS : TacosBD, Lihmsec.
Cam/guider/controllers: Lacerta MGEN 3, SW Synguider, Simulation Curriculum SkyFi 3+Sky safari
Memberships Astronomical Association of Queensland; RASNZ Occultations Section; Single Exposure Milky Way Facebook Group (Moderator) (12k members), The Sky Searchers (moderator)
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