CGX RA spike/PHD2 Log viewer

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CGX RA spike/PHD2 Log viewer


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So last weekend, had a nice clear night. I've been chomping at the bit to use my new CGX with the AT130EDT. Everything worked great, I mostly was testing guiding and snapped a few test photos, with nice results. Guiding was actually pretty good, but I notice that the RA has twice (and up to 4 times) the RMS error as the DEC.

Like I said, guiding is good, but I wanted to investigate the RA swings. Changing the aggression setting didn't seem to change anything. I posted on the PHD2 group, and got a response from Bruce that my calibration steps were too short (don't know how to set them, as they are default to PHD2), and I had this spike at 34 seconds in my frequency analysis (whatever that is). He mentioned that I would have trouble getting good guiding at DEC 0. I know he's the expert, but if I'm reading it right, it appears the spike is only a .36 arc second error, not really much to worry about. Is this correct? I have the log viewer, but I don't really have a clue how to use it. Link to the log is below. ... 9S3Ga?dl=0

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2022-05-13 17_48_58-PHD2 Log Viewer - PHD2_GuideLog_2022-05-06_195233.txt - PHD2 2.6.11 [Windows].png
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