A Todmorden Pier

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A Todmorden Pier


Post by Jockinireland »

This past year has been very fryustrating for me in terms of AP. The extremely poor skies everyone has suffered has been compounded for me by very poor reliability of forcasts. I set up and tear down every night unless the forcast is good for a few days (very rare) This means that unless I have a forcast of a good period of hours I find it very difficult to find the will to lug everything out and set up.

So I decided that some form of semi-permanent set up was in order. For many reasons a proper observatory is not an option right now. Looking around I saw many examples of the "Todmorden Pier" - inexpensive and allegedly easy to build. So that was what I decided on. It took me just a couple of days start to finish.

Materials (if anyone has a real interest I can share the materials list and my build plan]
Former cut and drilled with anchor bolts fitted to test.
Anchor bolts removed and former used as template to drill cavity block
Hole dug
Former with bolts in place and concrete poured
Blocks painted and attached to anchor bolts
blocks on.jpg
Ready to go
My intention is to initially use it with a Telegigzmos 365 cover and dehumidifier bags.

I hope its going to increase my imaging time.

Thake care

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Re: A Todmorden Pier


Post by Lady Fraktor »

Very nice, these were actually quite popular a few years ago for a semi-permanent setup.
I hope you get a lot of use from it. :)
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