Upgrading my diagonal - need help

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Re: Upgrading my diagonal - need help


Post by Lady Fraktor »

Dielectrics are a bit more robust than aluminiumized coatings though these will last a long time with care.

A 94-96% aluminium diagonal will give very good service and some savings compared to the average dielectric.
Once you get above mid-range prices though they are all dielectric.
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Re: Upgrading my diagonal - need help


Post by West83 »

Bought the new diagonal, and it's quite an improvement I must say. The old one was clearly sub-par and quite worn out.
Interestingly enough I got the Altair Lightwave instead of Artesky. Seems to be a mixup at the warehouse.
And oddly enough it doesn't say dielectric or 99% reflectivity (as it does on the googled photos).
But since it does the job, it's a great improvement.

Thank you for the help and advice!!
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Re: Upgrading my diagonal - need help


Post by Bigzmey »

Congrats on the new diagonal! I had good experience with Altair brand.
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