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1. To use this forum to post any items for "sale, trade or wanted", you must have a minimum of 5 posts. No exceptions!!!!

2) Post an asking price, period. No Auctions, No Links to Auctions. Items offered for trade should have a reasonable dollar value posted.

3) Be sure to prefix the subject title with "For Sale", "Trade" or "Wanted" so members scanning the Ads can find what they are looking for.

3) Your country / state must be included in your profile. Posts without a location listed will be deleted.

4) Once your item has sold, please post a reply in the tread advising that the item has been sold. The Co-Admin team will then close the topic.

5) Topics for "For Sale" or "Trade" that are left open for 6 months or more will be considered 'abandoned and will be automatically closed.

6) Sell and buy at your own risk...There have been several reports of a scam artist wanting to send payments a-la Nigerian email scam. Use common sense and follow up with your buyer and seller. If it sound too good to be true is probably is. We suggest strongly that if you do sell anything of value, that you contact the person directly before you proceed.

7) Any criticisms you may have regarding the item listed for sale should be addressed privately via the PM system. This includes any alternate price "offers".

8) We have noted instances where bad results have occurred when an email address is posted openly in an advertisement. Scammers abound. We recommend that all initial contacts between sellers and buyers be made via the PM system where email addresses can be exchanged securely.

TSS is providing the TSS Classifieds forum as a service to our members. We do not get involved with your transactions. Please DO NOT attempt to get any of the "Team" to help you with problems dealing with transactions we WILL NOT take on that responsibility. By using this forum topic you are releasing TheSkySearchers.com and all Team members of any liability of a deal gone bad.
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Post by murphcc1 »

Hey all, looking for a 8X50 RACI for my Meade LX90.

Let me know what ya got!
Meade 8" LX90 Autostar
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