Messier objects -- M1 to M40

A place to post your Messier images for the Messier AP Award program.
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Messier objects -- M1 to M40


Post by BABOafrica »

I did images of all 110 objects many years ago with my first equipment. I decided to start over and try it again. I just finished M40 the other night.

I'm not 100 % sure how to go about this since the 'rules' in the main thread for Messier Contests seem to apply to the visual program.

I uploaded 40 images to my gallery -- in the appropriate order (from M1 to M40).


I am attaching a spread sheet giving details of acquisition.

BABO's Messier AP LOG -- M1-M40.xlsx
(35.84 KiB) Downloaded 18 times


PS I'll be going for the rest of the Messiers as time goes by ... Maybe I'll finish up some time by June or July ... Or earlier if I can get some of those pesky Virgo galaxies to cooperate.
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Re: Messier objects -- M1 to M40


Post by Graeme1858 »

Congratulations Babo! That's a fine list of Messiers.

M40 Photo Award awarded.

Good luck with the next 40!


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