Amazing footage of the Mars landing

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Amazing footage of the Mars landing


Post by AstroBee »

I'm not sure if you guys have seen this but they are finally getting video footage of the Perseverance rover landing and my mind is officially BLOWN!
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Re: Amazing footage of the Mars landing


Post by Ylem »

Yes, that was shown on our local news 🙂
Simply awesome 😁
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Re: Amazing footage of the Mars landing


Post by MistrBadgr »

That is so cool! :popcorn:
Bill Steen
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Re: Amazing footage of the Mars landing


Post by Greenman »

Amazing 🤩 pity we couldn’t have this detail back in 69 that would give the conspiracy theorists a real issue on the ‘faked it’ claims. Tho’ I expect they are currently pawing over this to see the studio lighting rig...



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Re: Amazing footage of the Mars landing


Post by helicon »

Amazing video. Saw it yesterday afternoon on Twitter.
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