StarTools 1.6 Final, 1.7 Alpha w/GPU acceleration

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StarTools 1.6 Final, 1.7 Alpha w/GPU acceleration


Post by startoolsastro »

Hi all,

1.6 is now the new stable version of StarTools. The list of innovations, new functionality, improvements, optimizations and enhancements is very, very long (see CHANGELOG file). 1.6 also includes improved, integrated documentation and support.

We're also very excited to announce and release the first 1.7 alpha, making StarTools the first fully GPU accelerated AP-specific post-processing application available. Watching a high-iteration Decon finish in almost real-time is something to behold. :drool:

Lastly, we cannot thank enough our users, and the many generous alpha/beta testers, translators, dataset providers, and signal processing enthusiasts who continue to actively contribute to StarTools development and innovation. :text-thankyouyellow:

Without you, StarTools, nearly 10 years in, would not be where it is now; at the cutting-edge of astronomical image signal processing and fidelity!

You can find the new versions in the download section on the website.

Clear skies and a heartfelt thank you to you all!

Ivo Jager - creator of StarTools
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Re: StarTools 1.6 Final, 1.7 Alpha w/GPU acceleration


Post by Gordon »

Thanks for all of your hard work and continued support Ivo!

I will be downloading and giving it a run through!
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