Monthly challenge, how can I participate?

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Monthly challenge, how can I participate?


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The TSS monthly challenge consists of two parts, one for the Northern Hemisphere and one for the Southern Hemisphere.

Each month we will ask for target suggestions from the membership for each hemisphere, all suggestions will be entered into a draw and the winning target announced at the beginning of each new month.

The idea behind the monthly challenge is to get folks out under the stars and observing a common target and then coming back and sharing our experiences here.
Whether you have just got your first scope or have years of experience we invite you all to join in and have a bit of fun with this. Post an observing report on the target or try your hand at photographing the target, even a sketch or whatever else you may have!
The beginners can participate and gain valuable tips and feedback from those with a more experienced eye and use the reports, images or sketches as reference points.
Try adding the target to your observing list and join in the fun!

So keeping in mind that we are dealing with a broad section of members with a large variety of scopes, from those just starting out to the old rodeo hands, we ask that targets not exceed 9th magnitude. This way the new folks have a good shot at the target as well and everyone can participate.

We hope you enjoy the monthly challenges and remember there are no prizes, have fun and enjoy your time under the stars doing what you love. :sprefac:
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