Op-ed | Lunapolitics: 10 points to consider

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Op-ed | Lunapolitics: 10 points to consider


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From SpaceNews.com, an interesting Op-ed:
"1. Political and Economic competition for the moon is generally a positive phenomenon
2. Currently, the United States is the prime mover of Lunapolitics
3. Lunapolitical power is predicated on geopolitical power on Earth
4. Lunapolitics is economic as much as it political
5. Legitimate Lunapolitics will allow freedom of passage to the moon for all
6. It will also promote sustainable activity and presence on the moon
7. Lunapolitical alliances will constantly shift and evolve
8. Militaries support Lunapolitical order, not dominate it
9. Lunapolitics is normal, Lunapolitik is not
10. Lunapolitics is a long game, not just an election cycle issue"

https://spacenews.com/op-ed-lunapolitic ... -consider/

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