Space X passes key test today

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Space X passes key test today


Post by helicon »

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Re: Space X passes key test today


Post by smp »

Thanks very much for posting this, Michael!
See also here: viewtopic.php?f=78&t=6147&p=54971#p54970

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Re: Space X passes key test today


Post by Makuser »

Hello Michael. We heard the launch this morning at around 10:30 am EST, as well as the thrusters firing, and even the double sonic booms upon the capsule descending. Boy was this loud. This is just amazing technology, and thanks Michael for your great link.
- Marshall
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Re: Space X passes key test today


Post by Seawolfe »

Yes, they passed but sad for such a "good boy" rocket. It was the first of the block 5 version of the F-9 and had three successful launches and returns before yesterday's destructive flight. The stripped down but heavily instrumented capsule AND even the trunk section splashed down safely and were recovered. Both were in port early this morning.
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