Sound recording from Venera 14

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Sound recording from Venera 14


Post by Chich »

Just found this recording of sound on Venus from the Venera 14 lander. There is a low wind (or maybe some static?) and you can hear the lens cap popping off, the drill working and the soil sample dropping into the test chamber. The lander survived for almost an hour which is quite respectable considering the surface conditions were 470 Celsius with a pressure of 93.5 Earth atmospheres.

I love thing like this. Recordings from another world :)

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Re: Sound recording from Venera 14


Post by helicon »

Very cool!
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Re: Sound recording from Venera 14


Post by Ylem »

Real cool ūüėé
Thanks for sharing
Clear Skies,
-Jeff :telescopewink:

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Re: Sound recording from Venera 14


Post by Juno16 »

Sounds from another world! Awesome!

Thanks for sharing this!

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Re: Sound recording from Venera 14


Post by Ozypic »

Thanks for sharing that, I dont remember that at all, must have been in that busy selfish time making money and making babies and getting into debt ..... It looks like a video we could have made in the desert though :?
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