A forgotten image

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A forgotten image


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I was going through my pictures directory tonight, weeding out the RAW files and PIPP directories. Gigabytes freed! However, I did run across this from June 21st. Not sure how I didn't post this, but if memory serves it wasn't a good time overall...

Anyways, it's a single shot of Jupiter, with a shot of the moons at the time, overexposed, and layered over the Jupiter image. I actually used Paint Shop Pro 9 to do this. It was a really clear night, and I used my best scope and barlow, along with my T2i.

Pretty sad that my best scope is an achro, but I love 'em all!!

I've called the number :lol:

IMG_6243 (2).jpg
Jupiter_3Moons.png (5.94 KiB) Viewed 33 times
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