Lots of spots

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Lots of spots


Post by Thefatkitty »

Hi everyone :D

Yesterday I woke up to a sky filled with forest fire smoke and a lot of humidity: not the best of days observing-wise. Still, I managed to get some shots of ol' Sol, and though the stack wasn't the best, I could still see there was a new sunspot(s) forming that didn't have an AR designation.

This morning I got up at the joyous hour of 3:30, and was on the road at 4:45. When I walked out, it was a nice 20C (~70F) outside with fairly clear skies; I could see Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. No time for a scope, though.

The Sun rose just before 6AM; I could see it in my rearview/door mirrors. Unlike the day before, no haze or red tinge. My whole day was spent in sunshine with a constant light breeze and the temperature rising a few degrees from the morning, but no haze and for once, no humidity.

I ran through my day, and 350 km's (200 miles) later I was home again at a bit after 2:30. Had a shower, shot the breeze with the family, finished off the first half of a project I have on the go, and decided to see what our star was up to.

According to Spaceweather.com (which uses the SDO/HMI image), the region I saw yesterday is now showing up with them, but still doesn't have a designation. I give it a day and it'll be AR2848 :)

This is the stack I took today with my C80-HD, Baader solar film, and Canon EOS 550D at 1/250th sec exp and ISO 100. The planets are to scale.

Full size image here

This is a "map", if you will, of the spots visible, with the question marks being the one(s) that have no designation:

And that's it for me. Been a nice day and it's clear out now and supposedly for the next while after it gets dark, but after almost 18 hours... ;)

Have a great day/night, all!
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Re: Lots of spots


Post by Graeme1858 »

Sounds like you had a busy day Mark!

Good solar image, nice granulation on the full res version. Thanks for the annotated version.


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