Mercury and Venus Conjunction 21 May 2020

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Mercury and Venus Conjunction 21 May 2020


Post by Hondo »

Greetings. Mercury never gets very high at my latitude, couple that with no clear horizon due to trees and it does become a quite elusive target. This is only the second time I have captured Mercury in over 45 years of astronomy. Thanks for looking.
Single image of 1/20 sec at ISO 800 with Samyang 85mm lens and a Canon T3.
Mercury and Venus IMG_1998 PS v2 ISO 800 0.05 Secs 21 May 20.jpg

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Re: Mercury and Venus Conjunction 21 May 2020


Post by helicon »

Pretty cool - thanks Scott.
Various scopes, 10" Zhumell Dob, ES AR152, AWB 5.1" Onesky newt, Oberwerk 25x100 binos, two eyeballs
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Re: Mercury and Venus Conjunction 21 May 2020


Post by sdbodin »

Yup, looked the same from my house, below a cloud band and just above the horizon thru my binos.

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Re: Mercury and Venus Conjunction 21 May 2020


Post by Greenman »

Now, my wife is a news hound, on the 19th she told me that I could see a conjunction of mercury and venus just after 09:30. I grabbed my 10x50's and low and behold there it was and I gazed and watched mecury set. I resolved to take a photo. Finally last night I did this, I was surprised to see the conjunction had shifted so far by the 22nd and mercury was no longer below venus but alongside it. So I fired off a couple of shots.

ImageMercury Venus Original by Tony Boutle, on Flickr

Canon 100D, 55-250 mm STM at 172mm, 1 sec F/22 ISO 800 manual focus.

And then a close up:

ImageMercury Venus Original 250mm by Tony Boutle, on Flickr

Canon 100D, 55-250 mm STM at 250mm, 1 sec F/16 ISO 400 manual focus.

It is great to have my wife on board and keeping me astronimcally active. Oh, but she did say, is that it - just two dots... :lol:


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