Borealis glow through the trees

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Borealis glow through the trees


Post by Kanadalainen »

Taken July 27, 2019

Camera: D90
Settings: 30 s; 3200 ISO; F3.3
Post-processing: Lightroom

Locale: Cabin near Black Island
July 28 looking through the trees.jpg


Stellarvue 70T f6 - triplet :sprefac:
"Mark Mk. I" -60 mm Tasco guider
C80 frac with 2" focuser, f11.4 - long doublet
"Frosty m. II" - the 14.5" strut dob f4.5 with a ZOC optic - modified a little with Nexus II iOS friendly link + Moonlite focuser
"Frosty" the XT10 - sold

Mounts - Ioptron skyguider pro, Skywatcher HEQ5 pro

DSLR stuff - Nikon D90, Canon 60D; Rokinon 10mm 2.8, Rokinon 135mm f2, Sigma 70-300mm f4

Software - Photoshop and Lightroom 2020, GIMP, Skysafari 6 Pro, Astro Pixel Processor - using Macs and PCs

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Re: Borealis glow through the trees


Post by Bigzmey »

Scopes: Stellarvue: SV102 ED F7; Celestron: 9.25" EdgeHD F10, 8" SCT F10, 6" SCT F10, Omni XLT 150R Achro F5, Onyx 80ED F6.3; Meade: 80ST Achro F5.
Mounts: ES: Twilight I; Bresser: EXOS2; SW: SkyTee2, AzGTi; UA: MicroStar.
Binos: Orion: Little Giant II 15x70, WorldView 10x50, Nikon: Action EX 16x50 & 8x40.
EPs: Pentax: XWs & XFs; TeleVue: Delites, Panoptic & Plossls; ES: 68s; Vixen: SLVs; Baader: BCOs, Aspherics, Mark IV; Russell Optics: SuperPlossls.
Diagonals: Baader: BBHS silver mirror, Zeiss Spec T2 prism, Clicklock dielectric; TeleVue: Evebrite dielectric; AltairAstro: Positive lock prism.
Filters: Lumicon: DeepSky, UHC, OIII, H-beta; Baader: Moon & SkyGlow, Contrast Booster, UHC-S; Astronomik: UHC, Orion: UltraBlock, SkyGlow.
Observing: DSOs: 1936 (Completed: Messier, Herschel 1, 2, 3. In progress: H2,500: 1498, S110: 77). Doubles: 1341, Comets: 15, Asteroids: 78
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Re: Borealis glow through the trees


Post by Don Quixote »

This is a stunning catch, Ian !
Well done.
Thank you.
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