Borealis glow through the trees

Post your nightscape photos here.
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Borealis glow through the trees

Post by Kanadalainen » Thu Aug 15, 2019 6:43 pm

Taken July 27, 2019

Camera: D90
Settings: 30 s; 3200 ISO; F3.3
Post-processing: Lightroom

Locale: Cabin near Black Island
July 28 looking through the trees.jpg
Scopes - C80 frac with 2" focuser, modified XT10i f4.7, 14.5" DIY strut dob f4.5
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Re: Borealis glow through the trees

Post by Bigzmey » Thu Aug 15, 2019 7:23 pm

Scopes: Stellarvue: SV102 ED F7; Celestron: 8" SCT F10, Omni 150R Achro F5, Onyx 80ED F6.3, Mak 127mm F12; Meade: ST80 F5. Mounts: ES Twilight I, Bresser EXOS2, SW SkyTee2, AzGTi, UA MicroStar. Binos: Orion 15x70, 10x50, Nikon 8x40. EPs: Pentax: XWs; TeleVue: Delites, Plossls & barlows; ES: 68s; Vixen: SLVs; Baader: BCOs, Aspherics, Mark IV; Meade: UWAs & Plossls. Diagonals: Baader: BBHS mirror, Zeiss Spec prism, Clicklock; TeleVue: Evebrite. Filters: Lumicon, Baader, Astronomik. DSO tally: 1490 (Completed: M110, H1, H2. In progress: H3: 168, H2,500: 1087, S110: 77). Doubles: 857, Comets: 13, Asteroids: 62
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Re: Borealis glow through the trees

Post by Don Quixote » Thu Aug 15, 2019 10:01 pm

This is a stunning catch, Ian !
Well done.
Thank you.

Telescope:Sct 8" Meade, 10" Meade, Mak; 127, Fracs; ES 152 f6.5, ES127 Fcd100 f7.5 ,ES80 Essential f6, SW 100ED Evostar f9, Skychief 60mmF15. Mount: cg4, az/eq5, slt, lxd75, farpoint Para. EP: Doctor 12.5 UWA, Pentax 7-14XW, KK Ortho 4-25, Meade Plossl x3, TV 22Panoptic, Leitz 10X,12.5X, Leica 10X25 HC, Bits of other glass. Binoculars: 8x43 Pentax, 10X30 Swarovski, 25X100 Oberwerk.Cam;Nikon d90, Nikon d810.
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