Daytime moon edited to look like night

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Daytime moon edited to look like night


Post by realflow100 »

handheld no tripod
canon 500D 55-250mm IS II
at 250mm
iso 100
1/320 shutter

It looks epic to me
moon in daytime.png
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orion skyscanner 100mm F4 reflector telescope. Canon EOS 500D/rebel-T1i. Also kit lens 18-55mm IS II. ioptron Smartstar E8500R alt-az goto mount and tripod. no EQ mode limited controller options
canon 55-250mm IS II lens.
2x doublet shorty barlow 2 lens elements in 1 group
5x barlow simple 2 lens elements in 2 groups not doublet but image is decently clear
0.5x reducer not really used much.
svbony ultra wide 66 degree eyepiece kit
20mm 15mm 9mm and 6mm
svbony UHC 1.25 filter (Makes stars fainter. but nebula like orion seems to stay about the same brightness. its hard to tell if it improves the view or not. the background sky is dramatically darker but thats about it)
and ICE broadband lipo filter just seems to make things slightly "cooler" tinted so not sure what its doing. does not have a light wavelength chart.
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Re: Daytime moon edited to look like night


Post by Ylem »

Cool, nice job!
Clear Skies,
-Jeff :telescopewink:

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Re: Daytime moon edited to look like night


Post by Ozypic »

Cool ! Where would we be without that moon to play with. I have to say though its about time we looked into turning it around a bit...
Phill. Dreaming of Clear Skys .... :D :D :D
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