This Year's Obligatory Horse

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This Year's Obligatory Horse


Post by sdbodin »

One always must do the Horsehead nebula at least once a year. This is an astrophotographer code requirement, I think. So, turned the DeadCat 250mm f4.5 at the spot this year, not too satisfied. Sky not obeying, autoguider disobeying, darks down right rebelling. But, you get what you get. Anyway one thing did jump-out from the wider than normal look at this thing, the star count to the right, west, of the horsehead is higher than to the east, must be some dark stuff in the way over there.
Specifics; Vivitar 250mm f4.5 telephoto lens, Zwo ASI1600MC-cool OSC, 11/5min with 12nm Ha filter, 15/2min RGB with Baader fringe killer, gain 200, offset 50, temp -20C. Autoguided with Meade 4 inch SCT on Meade 16 LX200 for tracking. Captured and stacked in Nebulosity, final in PS CS5 with Carboni tools. Posted image edge cropped and 33% full size.

Clear skies,
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Post by Voyageur »

That's a beautiful image, Steve. Thank you for sharing it. I like the contrast of the right and left sides, with the striking difference in the number of stars, as you noted.
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Post by Thefatkitty »

Wow, I think that came out really well Steve; nicely done!

All the best,
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Post by bobharmony »

Looks very nice to me, Steve.

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Post by MariusD69 »

Awesome! Well done, Steve!
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Post by Ruud »

Magnificent image, awesome colours!

many thanks.
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Post by Dragonsfire »

Very Nice Thanks!
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