So I shot M42 last weekend

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So I shot M42 last weekend


Post by jazzin »

Well I set out last Friday night intent on using my modded Canon T7i with my Ha filter. Since SGPro(my usual image capture software) doesn't support the drivers yet for the T7i, I had to use SGP to frame my target with my Canon T1i and then switch cameras and use APT to control my Canon T7i but I never could get it to work. So instead of giving up, I just used my Canon T1i along with SGPro and was able to capture two hours and 20 mins of the Orion Nebula. Did a quick stack in DSS and processed it in PixInsight and got possibly my best astrophoto so far.

This one is getting printed to Canvas and going on my wall.

Check it out!
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Post by Juno16 »

A fine image jazzin!
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Post by SkyHiker »

Very nice!
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Post by Dragonsfire »

Nice job :)
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Post by 10538 »

Yes it would definitely be hanging on my wall! Nice work!
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Post by MariusD69 »

Awesome! Well done!
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