Stick Ball galaxies again

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Stick Ball galaxies again


Post by sdbodin »

Done this pair before, NGC4762, stick, NGC4754, ball. Just my names for them, Stellarium has my stick as the 'Paper Kite'. I don't see a kite, maybe the author had a late night. Anyway, enough for names, both these galaxies are classified as barred lenticulars, I don't know how anyone can see a bar in that edge-on stick, but that's why they get the big bucks. Both have faint outer regions which could use double the 46 minutes of OSC that I gave them in my continuation of 'point and shoot' galaxy season.
Again shot thru the Meade 16 LX200 at f6 with ASI1600MC-cool 46 minutes in 2 min subs thru UV/IR filter. No calibration file used, no flying moths harmed either. Captured and stacked in Nebulosity, final in PS CS5, posted image 20% crop and 33% full size.

Clear skies,
Scopes; Meade 16 LX200, AT80LE, plus bunch just sitting around gathering dust
Cameras; Atik 460ex mono, Zwo ASI1600MC-cool, QHY5L-II color and mono
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Re: Stick Ball galaxies again


Post by messier 111 »

nice thx .
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