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Post by BABOafrica »

Had a few hours of clear sky and grabbed this one at my dark site. To be honest, I was a bit dissappointed. I got a better image of M31 in the past using my AT80 (which I no longer have).

44 x 120s WO 66mm on AVX with Fuji X-A2 (mod) (iso6400)

M31 13NOV20 42x120s F2m-64 WO66 jhz ST.jpg
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Re: M31


Post by messier 111 »

wow very nice take .
:observer: I am a fan of refractor and Delos eyepieces .

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Re: M31


Post by SkyHiker »

I don't think the telescope is the problem Joe, the focus was simply off. Not bad anyway.
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Re: M31


Post by Ylem »

Looks great on my phone screen 👍
Clear Skies,
-Jeff :telescopewink:

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Re: M31


Post by helicon »

Looks pretty good Babo.
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Re: M31


Post by Hankmeister3 »

Thanks Babo for sharing. Looks nice to me.
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Re: M31


Post by Greenman »

Babo, that should not be disappointing. There are so many variables from night to night it’s hard to make comparisons. I like it too.



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Re: M31


Post by Astrovetteman »

Hey BABO, I wouldn't be disappointed...I like it a lot1. Maybe your focus was a little "soft" but all in all a great job!
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Re: M31


Post by Juno16 »

Very nice M31 Babo! Great framing too!

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