TS achro 6" F5.9 - any owners

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TS achro 6" F5.9 - any owners


Post by 25585 »

I am tempted by the TS 6" F5.9 to replace my C8 I recently sold.

https://www.teleskop-express.de/shop/pr ... ctive.html

It seems quite a deluxe product compared to others, and has a Japanese Ohara lens. Any owners here?
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Re: TS achro 6" F5.9 - any owners


Post by Bigzmey »

There are a few 6" achro owners here. Celestron, SW and ES models from F5 to F8. I believe everybody are happy with what they got. :D I feel you will be happy with TS version to.

Like C8 you are replacing I consider 6" achro to be jack of all the trades master of none. They perform admirably on all type of targets, but at the end there are better suited scopes for specialized tasks (planetary, DSOs, etc.).
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