iOptron ST90?

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iOptron ST90?


Post by pakarinen »

Ummm, so this just popped up on a random Google search. $189 for a 90mm? (Single speed R&P though.) F5.6 ... dl-gbase-p
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Re: iOptron ST90?


Post by Refractordude »

Found two reviews. Left click the image.
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Re: iOptron ST90?


Post by Lady Fraktor »

I expect the view will be quite violet when viewing objects.
A bottom line beginners telescope I would probably not recommend.
At 90mm f/5.6 the level of CA would be difficult to filter out.
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Re: iOptron ST90?


Post by ARock »

Interesting! I did not know anyone still sold these.
Somehow, in achromats, the ST90 and the ST102 do not seem as popular as the ST80 and the ST120.

In other news, I see that the Meade Adventure ST80s are back in stock on Amazon.
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