Best Night Sky Events of January 2022

Let's see your reports!
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Best Night Sky Events of January 2022


Post by Makuser »

Hi all. Here is the latest report from Starry Night Software and Chris Vaughan, at It provides information on several interesting observing opportunities throughout the month of January. Here are just a few: Saturday, Jan. 1 — The inner planets dance (after sunset), Monday, Jan. 3 — Quadrantids meteor shower peak (before dawn), Tuesday, Jan. 4 — Earth at perihelion (at 07:00 GMT), Friday, Jan. 7 — Mercury at greatest eastern elongation (after sunset), Wednesday, Jan. 12 — Bright moon above Ceres (evening), Monday, Jan. 17 — Small Full Wolf Moon (at 23:48 GMT), Tuesday, Jan. 18 — Uranus stands still (evening), Friday, Jan. 21 — The Pleiades (all night), Saturday, Jan. 22 — The Double Cluster (evening), Wednesday, Jan. 26 — Mars near nebulas (pre-dawn), Saturday, Jan. 29 — Crescent moon with Mars and Vesta (pre-dawn), and much more. It also includes lots of other interesting pictures, maps, charts, and information including excellent planet positions and data for this month:
I hope this helps with your observing plans and that it is useful to you. Thanks for looking, and the best of wishes for many clear night skies.
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Re: Best Night Sky Events of January 2022


Post by Michael131313 »

Thanks Marshall for the post. Keeps me up-to-date.
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