Holy smoke. Cough cough.

Let's see your reports!
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Holy smoke. Cough cough.


Post by Shabadoo »

The smoke is all the way out you set to the East Coast!
My night of “excellent stargazing conditions” was soup.
I could make out Jupiter, Saturn, Cygnus, Cassieopia, Altair, and a little tiny twinkle from Polaris and Nothing and I mean NOTHING else, 2 hrs past dark. I threw in the towel and broke down my setup. Ugh.

On a positive note, I’m pretty certain I saw The Great Red Spot!
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Re: Holy smoke. Cough cough.


Post by bobharmony »

Smoked out here too. Can see the Summer Triangle and the two planets in the southwest. Sigh!

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Re: Holy smoke. Cough cough.


Post by KingNothing13 »

Yep, that's basically all I have here too.

Just took the dog out for the last time of the night - Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, Summer Triangle - and some random stars here-and-there.
-- Brett

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Re: Holy smoke. Cough cough.


Post by Lady Fraktor »

I received an email from a friend in south Alberta and he said the smoke there was so thick you could only see around 50 yards for the last three days.
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Re: Holy smoke. Cough cough.


Post by Unitron48 »

Ditto here in Virginia. I caught the GRS transit, and with a little imagination occasionally caught the Io shadow transit! This morning the smoke and fog produced an "orange Moon" like sunrise!!

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Re: Holy smoke. Cough cough.


Post by Bigzmey »

That's just crazy! The smoke is everywhere.
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