Celestron 15x70s

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Re: Celestron 15x70s


Post by notFritzArgelander »

helicon wrote: Mon Sep 06, 2021 3:48 pm Hi Graeme.

I have the plain vanilla 15x70's (Around $69.95 U.S. a few years back) from Amazon.

They perform adequately and fortunately they didn't need to be collimated. Otherwise there is a procedure to collimate them by folding back the rubber housing and adjusting the set screws with a screwdriver. (There are various youtube videos showing the process).

I also have the Oberwerk 25x100's on a parallelogram mount, excellent quality and images.
Yes, me too. But I find they need support. I find I am using my 10x50 Nikon Aculons more for just handheld. I don't think the extra $$ for the nitrogen fill would interest me.
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Re: Celestron 15x70s


Post by Lady Fraktor »

I use my 10x50 more often than the 15x70 as they are easier to view with handheld.
The 15x70 require another tripod for viewing longer than a minute or two.
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Re: Celestron 15x70s


Post by KingNothing13 »

I end up using my 15x70 more for birding than astronomy. :icon-neutral:
-- Brett

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