8SE alignment issue with skysense.

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8SE alignment issue with skysense.


Post by SPIE7 »

I currently have the Celestron Nexstar 8SE, looking to get into astrophography. That mount is giving me more problems than it is worth. Sometimes it works great, then the next night it can’t align to save its life. Have the GPS connected, correct date and time, pointed North, and leveled. Also have the skysense hooked up, it finds over 100 stars on the first of four points and plates solves........then the second point finds 100+ stars and cannot plate solve! Wasted 2 great nights trying everything possible to get it to work but no dice. I have connected all devices to CFM and updated to latest drivers. Oh yeah.....on the second point of alignment, the altitude of the OTA goes past 90 degrees straight up?, so I manually return it to level position with the hand controller and point it to the north again, start over deleting the previous alignment and it does the same on the second point. Ready to throw it in the garbage.
A quick search on YouTube found some people have problems with the mount slipping, or skipping, so I removed the plastic covers and made sure the bolts were not too tight or too loose. That does not seem to be the problem as it doesn’t bind or stop when I put my hand on it while it’s moving.
Maybe an encoder issue? Is there a way to tell?
Thanks in advance for any inputs.
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Re: 8SE alignment issue with skysense.


Post by Lady Fraktor »

How does the mount perform without the starsense connected? Many people have complained about the lack of consistent behavior from it.
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