Riffle Red Dot Finder For My 16x80 Binoculars

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Riffle Red Dot Finder For My 16x80 Binoculars


Post by Refractordude »

The mount attaches to the center bar, but the mount is to wide for telescope red dot finder attachments. I used glue, but the finder kept breaking off. I could use construction glue but that would create a change finder problem. So I thought why not use a riffle red dot finder to go with the riffle mount. It works just fine. However, the red dot is just a little from the center. I purchased the finder and mount from Amazon. Left click the images.
image 2.PNG
image a.PNG
image b.PNG
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Re: Riffle Red Dot Finder For My 16x80 Binoculars


Post by Ylem »

That's nice!

I hate using glue, double face tape, but that's not always practical.
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Re: Riffle Red Dot Finder For My 16x80 Binoculars


Post by GCoyote »

I like it. At that price, I may replace the air-gun style red dot finders that came with a couple of my scopes with one of these. An adapter should not be too hard to make.
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