Celestron Starsense issues

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Celestron Starsense issues


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I have a Starsense for my Skywatcher EQ6R it has been working fine and I have used it for solar, however at some point I had lost alignment (probably moved the mount manually) and haven't had clear skies to redo the alignment and parking and hiberation.
Today I went to shoot the sun I turned on the mount and waited for the starsense to sync up, suddenly it started moving in RA about 100 degrees, didn't move in DEC and the scope almost ended up in my lap. It wouldn't stop no matter what I did so I turned off the mount.

They I set it to Solar rate and moved it by the hand control to the sun and was imaging and 2 times it suddenly started to move about 15 degrees each time, it would do 15 deg and then 15 deg and stop,

I am not sure what is causing this, my thought is that it is because it isn't aligned and it is angry... When It is aligned I can tell it to go to the sun and it does.

any ideas?

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