EP dust cap/plug source?

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EP dust cap/plug source?


Post by Chich »

Is there a reasonable source for these? I just had a look on Amazon and they are asking upwards of $40 for a set of ten 1.25" caps or 4 2" plugs. At these prices it would almost worthwhile to haunt the SallyAnn and buy up old binos for their caps if they'd fit.

I would imagine that there is a viable substitute lurking in the aisles of a hardware shop, industrial supply or sumsuch. I just have not been able to find one.

Thanks for any thoughts.
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Re: EP dust cap/plug source?


Post by Lady Fraktor »

https://agenaastro.com/catalogsearch/re ... ust%20caps

But being in Canada I would email All-Star in Alberta, KW (Perceptor) in Ontario or Ontario Telescopes they may be cheaper.
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Re: EP dust cap/plug source?


Post by notFritzArgelander »

Lady Fraktor wrote:
Sat Jan 04, 2020 4:03 am
https://agenaastro.com/catalogsearch/re ... ust%20caps

But being in Canada I would email All-Star in Alberta, KW (Perceptor) in Ontario or Ontario Telescopes they may be cheaper.
Yup. Agena is my prime source of such things.... Exchange rate problems might be an issue.
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Re: EP dust cap/plug source?


Post by ARock »

Ebay is also a good source, but I prefer Agena as they mention the outer diameter which is important for the eye side cap of the eyepiece which is not 1.25" or 2" depending on the eyepiece.
https://agenaastro.com/agena-plastic-en ... ellow.html

Lately 3D printable eyepiece caps have been showing up on thingiverse where you can just download and print when needed, especially if your neighborhood public library has a 3D printer for public use. Some of them are customizable, ie come with a cad file as well


The one above has a scad file which you can open up in openscad (free) and edit some numbers to fit your particular eyepiece, generate a stl file and take it to a 3D printer . I have not tried this yet, but plan to, the next time I need a cap which has a non standard size.
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Re: EP dust cap/plug source?


Post by OleCuss »

You can get quite a collection here: https://eyepiececaps.com/

For items I could not get through them or other sources I've at least once gone to McMaster-Carr and gotten a silicone cap there. Never underestimate McMaster-Carr!
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