Hello from New Mexico

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Hello from New Mexico


Post by rayincorrales »

Hello to all,

My name is Ray and I'm from Corrales New Mexico (USA). I joined in late August after reading Steve's 3 part review on the CEM 40 mount that I'm considering for my next purchase.

My backyard is good for visual observing and photography to the North and North-East. I would estimate my skies to be roughly Bortle zone upper 6 lower 7; I'm about 45 minutes away from a much better Bottle zone 4 or 5.

I really enjoy astrophotography, I enjoy the technical challenge of the data collection and then the artistic feel of post-processing.

I am looking forward to sharing my experiences to the group. And I enjoy the international feel of this group in particular. Doesn't it seem right that astronomy should be an international hobby?

Thanks for having me.

Ray in Corrales
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Re: Hello from New Mexico


Post by helicon »

Hi Ray and Welcome to TSS!!!
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Re: Hello from New Mexico


Post by KingNothing13 »

Cool, welcome to the site, Ray!
-- Brett

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Re: Hello from New Mexico


Post by Shabadoo »

I’m glad you found us!
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Re: Hello from New Mexico


Post by Gordon »

Hi Ray!

Welcome to TSS.
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Re: Hello from New Mexico


Post by JayTee »

Hello Ray,

Welcome to TSS. Glad you joined us.

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Re: Hello from New Mexico


Post by Graeme1858 »

Hello Ray

Welcome to the forum.


Celestron 9.25 f10 SCT, CGX mount.
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Celestron 80mm Guidescope, QHY5-II Mono.
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Re: Hello from New Mexico


Post by Butterfly Maiden »

Hello Ray and welcome to the Forum.
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Re: Hello from New Mexico


Post by Lady Fraktor »

Hello and welcome to the forums
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Re: Hello from New Mexico


Post by Peter802 »

Hello Ray.
Welcome to this fine International Forum.
Clear Skies.

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Re: Hello from New Mexico


Post by Unitron48 »

Hello Ray! Welcome aboard!!

Unitron Refractors (60mm, 75mm, 102mm, 125mm), Brandon 94, Stellarvue SV110ED

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Re: Hello from New Mexico


Post by Greenman »

Hi Ray welcome, enjoy the forum!


AP Scope: Celestron NexStar 6SE, Celestron AVX Mount, Antares Versascope 60mm finder, Antares 0.63 reducer, Antares 2" Dielectic diagonal, Sky portal 2 WiFi, ZWO ASI224MC, Canon EOS 100 (Unmoded). Optional Orion RACI 9x500 illuminated finder.

Grab & go: Celestron 102 AZ, X-cel eyepieces & Barlow

Filters: Astronomik IR cut; Baader Semi Apo; Baader Fringe Killer.

Binoculars: Celestron 15 x 70.

Latitude: 52.219853
Longitude: -1.034471
Accuracy: 5 m
Bortle 4 site. https://maps.google.com/?q=52.21985,-1.03447

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Re: Hello from New Mexico


Post by drock »

Welcome to the forum and thanks for joining.
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Re: Hello from New Mexico


Post by smp »

Hi Ray, and welcome here to the Forum!

- - - - -
Telescopes: Celestron C6; Tele Vue TV-85; Questar 3.5 Standard SN 18-11421
Solar: Thousand Oaks white light filter; Daystar Quark (chromosphere) Hα filter
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Local Club: New Hampshire Astronomical Society
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Re: Hello from New Mexico


Post by turboscrew »

Hi and welcome.
And yes - this virtual club is quite international.
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Re: Hello from New Mexico


Post by Makuser »

Hello Ray. We're all happy to have you aboard with us here on TSS. Welcome to the forum Ray, and the best of wishes on your astronomy and astrophotography endeavors.
- Marshall
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Celestron SkyMaster 15x70 Binoculars. ZWO ASI120MC camera.
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