Acurite 5-in-1 Weather Sensor; Repair Parts Avail

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Acurite 5-in-1 Weather Sensor; Repair Parts Avail


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I figured something completely different for my 100th post. A Public Service Announcement in case anybody has one of these very common sensors.

I have been with a nice weather station for the [nearly] 5 years that I came to NH. The temperatures and rainfall are always different where I am, partly due to elevation, and a few degrees makes a world of difference. It was always accurate, and the batteries lasted over 2 years. Nice color screen, plus the Internet module to send it to me on a SmartPhone display.

My 5-in-1 started showing a temperature of -40, and a constant humidity reading of 99%. The unit also started telling me "low battery" over the past few weeks (which is more than one year "early"). I come to find that this indicates a bad/corroded temperature + humidity module within the 5-in-1. I was inquiring as to a repair/exchange price for a replacement, but they don't do that. And I wanted to avoid a new sensor. New batteries did not help, though once in a while, the temperature was correct.

They make a $12.99 replacement board. I never saw this in the "parts list" for the common plastic pieces that break. I ordered a board (the 8.95 2-day shipping was a bit much), which came today. It has very nice instructions on how to replace it. It is a good time to clean it all inside/out, and will pay closer attention to the Rain Gauge portion. And any other suggested repairs based on what I see.

Naturally, it started raining, and I will wait to install/check out the repair. But, here is the board, and a sample of the instructions. Well done it appears.
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