Where O Where Should I Place My Dome?

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Re: Where O Where Should I Place My Dome?


Post by Gulf Coast Guy »

with retirement looming I'd stay in my back yard. Things can change. Trust me on that one. I had a stroke back in Feb and it took the lower left quadrant of my visual field. Now I don't dare drive, no choice. Before the stroke if I had taken either of the other options I'd be loading my wife down with the drive - )at night). I'm sorta back in the swing but maintaining a remote site i think could get a bit rough.

Just food for thought.

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Re: Where O Where Should I Place My Dome?


Post by John Fitzgerald »

Option one. I have tried option 3, and use it less and less as I age, and it's Bortle 2, on a remote site that I own. Option one, I use nearly every suitable night.
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Re: Where O Where Should I Place My Dome?


Post by astrowolf67 »

I would vote for option 1, simply for security reasons. Times have changed, and, I would no longer feel comfortable leaving thousands of dollars worth of equipment where I couldn't check up on it frequently. We live in a rural area, moved here 20 years ago, to escape the city and it's problems. We've been burglariezed once (in broad daylight at that), and have caught MANY snoopers and prowlers on our various trail cams.
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Re: Where O Where Should I Place My Dome?


Post by dagadget »


I have ordered a Skyshed Pod and know where I am going to place mine when it gets here. Has your observatory arrived and how is it going? With Covid 19 things slowed way down and normally I would not post this far from the last post but an update would be nice. :observatory:
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Re: Where O Where Should I Place My Dome?


Post by Valen »

I built my HomeDome in the backyard. I do have some trees that could have hurt my viewing. So I built a room 12x12 Put my dome on top of that. Mount the pier to the concrete floor. Ran it up to the top. Running the pier through the top floor makes for a solid base. No vibration even if it is windy. Having the dome 8 feet off the ground allows me to views. I am on 5 acres. The only trees that bother me are the ones to the south. Not enough to cut them down. Plus I have in floor heat. So I stay warm. I use folding attic stairs to get to the scope. Having your dome close will allow you to use it more. Congrats on your new dome. Also is the farm land worked for crops. If so the dust from working the fields would get into the dome.
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