12v Power

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12v Power


Post by Jaq1967 »

Question: Rather than having so many 12v DC PSU going to one AC block to power up all my equipment (HEQ5 Pro/Camera/Focuser etc...), could I not use just one 12v DC PSU with a huge amperage output, and use a splitter to distribute the power to all the equipment???

Assuming the voltage is regulated and polarity is correct I can't see an issue. Some people use power banks (like the Skywatcher 7 Amp Power Tank). If I use something like:

https://cpc.farnell.com/powerpax/sw3477 ... 20supplies

...the amperage is more than enough to power all the equipment with plenty left over without over cooking it?

As far as I am aware the equipment will only take what it needs as long at the voltage is stable.


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Re: 12v Power


Post by KathyNS »

Yes. I have three 12v power supplies for different purposes in order to keep dome motor current separate from electronics current. The power supply that I use for the electronics can deliver 35 amps of regulated voltage. I run it through a Rigrunner distribution box to the various devices. It runs the mount, the imaging camera, the filter wheel, the focuser and the mirror fan.

I standardized my connectors with Powerpoles. That way, everything can connect to the Rigrunner. And, if I have power supply problems, I can easily re-purpose one of the other power supplies, since all the connectors are compatible.
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Re: 12v Power


Post by yobbo89 »

yeah. i have an xbox 360 psu wired up, they are 14 amps/175w, powers all my gear, focuser, mount, cmos cooling,telescope mirror fans. i just use a splitter cable, pretty cheap and easy to make. i have a few of them actually , my go to for power supplies.
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Re: 12v Power


Post by Dragonsfire »

Allot of people are building their own DIY 12v 18650 lithium battery packs, many youtube vids on that so if you have skill in soldering you can put them together inexpensively from Aliexpress parts.
Ive build 5v regulated packs from re-purposed laptop battery packs (18650 batteries), and after 4 months theirs no leakage and has keept its 11v level.
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